$5.00 USD

Thank you for your interest in submitting to F(r)iction.

We accept work, written in English, from anywhere in the world—regardless of genre, style, or origin—and welcome genre writing and experimental literature. We seek work that actively pushes boundaries, that forces us to question traditions and tastes. If your work takes risks, we want to read it. We stronglyrecommend checking out a past issue of F(r)iction before submitting to get an idea of our general publishing aesthetic. You can do this at the TBL Store.

Generally, we like our poetry submissions to stay under three pages per poem. However, if your work is truly excellent but extends a bit past the three-page mark, we'll still be excited to read it. You may submit up to five poems per submission. Entries with more than five poems will not be considered. Please visit our guidelines page to properly format your work for submission.

We prefer to read all our submissions blind. Please include your name and contact information in your cover letter only and remove any identifying information from the submitted manuscript itself.

We accept simultaneous submissions with the stipulation that you withdraw upon acceptance elsewhere. Though you may submit multiple manuscripts for consideration at once, please do so separately. All submissions will be considered for publication.

There is a small reading fee for general F(r)iction submissions ($5), but authors accepted will be awarded payment for their work. F(r)iction pays contributors $10 per final printed page, plus a free contributor's copy.

We try very hard to respond to all submissions within two months.